Feel - o - Clock

By Ryan Solonynko

Feel - o - Clock is a game about the daily life of a sad, depressed person. The aim of the game is to keep your positive attributes (Happiness, Energy, Motivation) up while keeping your negative attributes (Arousal, Loneliness, Hunger) low.

To do this, you have to give yourself activities to do by clicking on the squares around the clock. Each activity represents 2 hours, and you can schedule 12 a day.

You have 6 actions you can do:
Sleep - Raises your happiness, energy, hunger and arousal slightly
Eat - Lowers your hunger, happiness, energy and raises loneliness
Fap - lowers your arousal and increases loneliness a lot, while raising happiness and lowering motivation and energy a bit.
Shitpost - Lowers your loneliness, motivation, happiness and energy while increasing your hunger
Game - Raises your happiness, motivation, hunger, loneliness, and arousal and lowers your energy
Cry - Lowers motivation, happiness and energy and raises hunger and loneliness

Sometimes, you will do things that you did not plan. When this happens, it might just change the activity as you are going to do it, or may change your future activities. For example, once you go to sleep, you sleep for 6 more hours. There are more, and you will see them.

One note: I did try to implement a "Restart game" button, but it sometimes ends up crashing the browser. To restart, just refresh.

Have fun!