The Duality of Man

Ryan Solonynko

This is a relatively simple SHMUP (shoot 'em up), and many of you have played games similar. But, hold on, this game has two main twists that may interest you!

The first is the Super Sonic way your health works. Instead of you having a health stat that goes down when it hits enemies, your health is constantly ticking down. The only way to keep your health up is to get hit by enemies!

But, that's not all, you have a princess to protect. She is basically the opposite of you. Whereas you constantly lose health and need to hit enemies to gain health, she is constantly gaining health and loses health on contact with enemies. 

Move your character with the mouse, and the princess will follow. Press space to launch a bullet that can kill enemies. Click the mouse to instantly switch places with the princess.

You can change the sensitivity through the options screen at the start, or by pressing "Tab" to pause the game.

While there is no boss, the game does get harder as you defeat waves.  Also there is no sound/music, sorry.